Bootcamps are a ton of fun! We meet in the Crestwood neighbourhood (west end of Edmonton) and utilize the area around us. We are close to the river valley where there are stairs and a great hill to train on. As well as a local park where we hook up the TRX, do tricep dips on the benches, step ups, etc.

These sessions are fantastic as you are outdoors (our winters are too long!) enjoying the sunshine and you will also learn how to workout outside and utilize the space around you. Nicole wants to equip you to be able to workout safely, effectively, and anywhere! We have beautiful parks and river valleys that are fantastic to use and train in.

Our bootcamps are capped at 10 people so you won’t get lost in the crowd. Enjoy getting personal attention from the Trainer but also the benefits of working out in a group. It is beneficial to exercise beside someone or in a group because you can push each other a little harder or encourage each other to keep going. For an hour you are surrounding yourself with positive people, a knowledgable and supportive trainer, and strengthening your body.

Spring Bootcamp – Starting Monday, May 1
Last Class: Wednesday, June 7

This year, we will only be having a 6 week spring bootcamp since I’m due with baby #2 on June 18!   I’m hoping to do another round in August, but we will have to see how I am doing with recovery.

Where: Park beside the Crestwood Community League Building
14325-96 Ave, West Edmonton

Monday | 7:00 pm
Wednesday | 6:30 pm
Saturday  | 9:00 am (this class will also be kid friendly, so bring your kiddos!)

Drop in: $17
6 BC Classes (once a week) – $96
12 BC Classes (twice a week) – $180
18 BC Classes (three a week) – $261

What to Bring:
  • yoga mat
  • 5 lb and/or 8 lb dumbbells
  • wateR
  • outdoor runners