Hello, I am Nicole Vandekamp, Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Gorgeously Fit.

In high school I was very active but my eating habits were terrible. I skipped breakfasts, I often wouldn’t eat much for lunch, but I would eat dinner at home. Because I was burning calories/not eating enough calories I didn’t gain weight and was a slender 135-140 lbs. But I was not healthy.

After graduating, I soon got a job as an Administrative Assistant. Sitting all day, making poor food choices, and not being active after work quickly led me to gain 55 lbs. I was still skipping breakfast (sometimes I would run to


Tim Horton’s and grab an ice cap) and would often go to Wendy’s for lunch, or munch on tim bits in the lunch room, etc. I was 180 lbs when we got married, fast forward >> honeymoon, celebrating 2 years of marriage and working for a new company, I was now 206 lbs. I was now 71 lbs over weight. How did I get here? It felt like I had woken up and realized my weight was now out of control. I wanted to lose weight but didn’t know where to start. One day, while at a Health and Wellness Show – I saw Zumba.

I love dancing and was looking for a career change. I looked into Zumba and it was great – you dance, you are helping people get in shape, you also get into shape while you are teaching – sold! So I switched careers and did this part time. Unfortunately, doing nothing and then teaching 5 1 hour classes a week, my body couldn’t take it and I ended up getting severe plantar facinitis (heal pain). I thought it was muscle soreness but after a few months, my husband encouraged me to get it checked out. Unfortunately, the Doctor told me I needed to quit Zumba because it was too much on my body. I was devastated. Now what? I’m sick of being this heavy.

I had been thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer and after talking with my husband, I signed up for the January course. That was five years ago.

After I was certified, I was hired at a big box gym in Edmonton as a Personal Trainer. I enjoyed training there, my clients were successful with their goals and weight loss, and I was surrounded my fitness and I lost 16 lbs (now I was 190 lbs) After working there for about 10 months, I was itching to start my own gym. My husband and I started planning to open “Gorgeously Fit.” We opened the gym in May 2012 and it has been awesome.

I enjoy a lot of variety in my workouts and I like to keep my body challenged and guessing. We knew what kind of atmosphere we wanted to workout in and have created a happy and positive place to go to. I have now lost a total of 64 lbs and have learned how to make fitness a part of my lifestyle. It took me a long time to make my workouts and healthy eating a priority. Finally in December 2012, I decided no more excuses! I created a workout schedule and would plan my day around my workouts because I wanted to complete a goal. I promised myself that I would not skip a workout in 12 weeks and I did it! I lost weight, was stronger, and I have become an athlete. Now, I look forward to my workouts and it’s my favorite part of my day!

I know what it takes, I know the emotional struggle that goes with gaining weight and being over weight, so I can relate to a lot of my clients. I know how hard it is after a long day you planned to workout but the couch seems super comfortable. But I also know that when you put your health and your goals above sitting in front of the TV or just waiting till “tomorrow” you never regret it. I feel like a completely different person and I love working out. It’s difficult, it’s tiring, you get sore, but there’s nothing like putting on a outfit you have been wanting to wear for years or your skinny jeans and – they fit! Or flexing your bicep muscle in front of your friends because they can see some definition. Or looking at your love handles in the mirror and noticing they are smaller now. Why? Because you were dedicated and put the hard work in.

I love being a Personal Trainer and helping my clients reach their goals. In March 2013, one of my group clients told me/the group she was training for a Spartan Race and invited us to join her. A few of us signed up and in June we all competed together. It was a blast helping them train for it, training on my own, and also training all together on Saturday mornings so we could be the best we could be for race day. It was a huge highlight for me personally as that was the fittest and lightest I had been (166 lbs) and it was also amazing to see my clients grow so much physically and mentally.

Today I am now 142 lbs (Total of 64 lbs down!) and though I still have some fat to lose, I am happy with what I have accomplished so far. I work out consistently because I love it and I have figured out a healthy balance that keeps me looking forward to working out, challenging my body, and gaining muscle.

I am here for you. I want you to reach your goals. I’d like to provide you with the tools and share my experience and what I have learned to help you be the best and happiest you can be.

Vandekamp Family

I am married to my husband, Garret (8 years and counting!) and we are blessed to be parents to our little girl, Alison.  We enjoy being active together as a family.  We are often training, hiking, biking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and in the winter, cross country skiing. We love Edmonton and feel fortunate to live so close to the river valley.  We are there enjoying it everyday!